The Duke Summer Blockchain Hackathon is a chance to turn your blockchain idea into reality. Success during this 7-day hackathon includes: 

  • Fortifying your idea: delivering a brief, compelling pitch that explains the problem you are solving and your vision for success
  • Mapping out how blockchain is a fit: defining precisely who the participants are on the distributed ledger and how they interact with each other and the blockchain
  • Creating your proof-of-concept: developing one feature that shows your vision for this idea

Our goal is for everyone to take a meaningful step towards bringing their blockchain ideas to life. 

Winners will earn an invite into our virtual accelerator. 


  • Projects have to be submitted on DevPost.
  • All project submissions must include a video. Your video should explain: What is your idea? What is the problem you are solving? Who are your target users? How does blockchain fit into your idea? Please include a demo of your project in your video, if applicable.
  • Your video should be 2 minutes in length or less.

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Howie Rhee

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Campbell Harvey

Judging Criteria

  • Your Idea
    What is the inspiration for your idea? What is the 1-line description of your idea? Did you describe the meaningful trend, hair on fire problem, and target audience? Did you make it easy and simple for the judges to understand your idea?
  • Your Presentation
    Was the video 2 minutes or less? Did you show a product demo? If not, did you explain how a solution could work? Did you explain how your solution solves the hair on fire problem?
  • Innovation
    The more creative the project is, the higher the judges will evaluate your Innovation score. How creative is your idea? Is there a similar product in the market?
  • Use of Blockchain
    Is blockchain a fit for your idea? Who are the participants on the blockchain? How do the participants interact with each other?
  • Usability and Design
    How good is the user experience and design of your idea?
  • Viability
    Is there a well-defined path for this to become a business or an engine for creating economic value?

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